“If you know The Way broadly, you will see it in everything”

– Miyamoto Musashi

Excellence in anything increases your potential in everything. How you do one thing, is how you do everything.

The quote above, from 16th century Japanese philosopher, calligrapher, and master swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi, embodies the philosophy with which I try to approach my own practise and instill in my students through my teaching methods.

Whilst my students all initially come to me to learn how to play an instrument (many going on to achieve great success in their future musical endeavors) I truly believe that the guitar is also a powerful vehicle to a far deeper and more overarching understanding. Thus, whilst striving to help my students realise their musical aspirations I am also teaching them lessons applicable in all avenues of life, and see them cultivate the unique skills that command success in any endeavor.  Skills such as confidence, creativity, discipline, perseverance, and dedication.

It is my firm belief that within every person lies the ability to make great music, and that each student will have an individual and unique set of needs and gifts. As a music educator it is incumbent on me to recognize and foster the growth of these gifts. Of course I get tremendous satisfaction in seeing my students grow as musicians, but even more profound is observing their personal, social and intellectual development over time, through their dedication to their craft, and enthusiasm for music.