Guitar tuition in Halifax takes place in my home teaching room on the outskirts of Halifax.

This is a comfortable and relaxed environment in which to learn. All lesson materials will be provided, as well as a variety of suitable instruments for students to try, or for beginners to use (in lesson time) before making the commitment to purchase their own.

Please also note that two very friendly dogs and two cats live at the property and, whilst easily kept out of sight for those uncomfortable with animals, may still affect those with allergies.


Price of one-to-one lessons (paid in advance monthly) :

£60 for a 30 minute lesson per week OR 60 minute lessons fortnightly.

£115 for a 60 minute lesson per week

Lessons are attended at the same day/time each week.

* The price of lessons is worked out on a ‘pro-rata’ basis, for the cost of 45 weeks worth of lessons spread out evenly between 12 months. Thus, there are 7 holiday weeks during the year (accounted for within the rates) in which there are no lessons; i.e. 2 weeks over Christmas.

(eg; £60 x 12 = £720 ÷ 45 = £16 per lesson)